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What is BotServ?

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What is BotServ?

BotServ allows the Founder of a channel, registered with ChanServ, to customize the service bot in their channel.  It is also useful for channels which are unable to configure or host a bot of their own.  (For example: Instead of having ChanServ sit in their channel, a Founder can decide to ASSIGN a BotServ bot sit in the channel — in ChanServ’s place.)

It will enforce the same settings that ChanServ would, and more!  (See /BS HELP SET)

Current BotServ bots available:

  1. BotServ
  2. ChanBot
  3. ChanServ
  4. IRC4Fun
  5. K9
  6. Q
  7. W
  8. X
  9. ScaryServ

For a list of BotServ commands, type: /BS HELP

For help with a specific BotServ command, type: /BS HELP COMMANDNAME

You can also join #Help for advice/assistance

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