Changing your Password -or- MAXLOGINS

Changing your Password or MAXLOGINS setting

Going forward, users who wish to change their password or MAXLOGINS setting must use the CService Web Interface to make these changes.  Previously, users could change either their Password or set their MAXLOGINS setting within X.  These changes allow users to better maintain the security of their accounts as well as provide better consistency for users in regards to updating their MAXLOGINS setting.

Changing your Password

To change your X (CService Account) password, simply login to the Web Interface and click on New Password on the left menu.  NOTE: If your current password does not meet the recently updated Password requirements, you will be asked to secure your password when you login to the web interface.


MAXLOGINS allows you to set how many clients are allowed to login (authenticate) to your account on IRC with X.  Depending on how long your account has been registered, you can change the MAXLOGINS allowed to your account to 1, 2, or 3.

Attempted logins to your account via X after the set MAXLOGINS has been reached will result in authentication failures.


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