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Staff News

  • 10/01/23: Waves of Spam: The waves of spam (although slightly different) have resumed, and thus users will have +R set on them automatically (at connection).  We’ve also added a new AUTOJOIN channel, #Lobby, under heavy moderation to welcome newbies as well as quickly identify and isolate spammers and spambots (before they reach other channels).
  • 07/10/23: Waves of Spam: New InspIRCd module loaded which should identify the supernets spambots by their randomized nick regex, use of /LIST and then the attempted PRIVMSG to NickServ, at which point the spambot will be SHUN’d.
  • 07/10/23: ZED10 will now detect DNSBL Waves and activate a DEFCON mode (chanmodes +VU) for 10 Minutes, unless it detects that the DNSBL wave is still in progress; in which case it will begin checking in minute sequences when it’s safe to unset DEFCON.
  • 07/06/23: Waves of Spam: New Chanmode +V will /KILL users who highlight 5 or more users in the channel. (There are no exemptions, not even for Staff)
  • 07/05/23: Waves of Spam: Usermode +R is now set automatically on Users & Staff to combat the spam. (It will stop being automatically set after we’re certain the spam has stopped.)
  • 05/25/23: New oper command: /flood <nickname-or-user@host> (Forwards the request to OperServ and AKILLs for 14 days with reason: Flooding will not be tolerated on IRC4Fun.)
  • 05/20/23: ZED10 (X-Line Info Bot) Info:
  • 03/21/23: New oper command: /spam <nickname-or-user@host> (Forwards the request to OperServ and AKILLs for 7 days with reason: Spam is off-topic on IRC4Fun.)

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