Welcome Truenos to the IRC4Fun Staff Teams

IRC4Fun would like to welcome Truenos (Truenitos) to the IRC4Fun Oper and CService teams! We would like to welcome our newest addition to Staff, Truenos. For more information about Staff (and recent new Staffers), please see our Servers and Staff page.

September 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter

         Hello, Friend Welcome to the IRC4Fun September 2018 Newsletter; we’ve got a lot of updates for you! Seb has resigned from his IRC4Fun Staff positions, including CService.  While he may be allowed on the network, he is no longer a Staff member and should not be

Seb has resigned

Seb has resigned from his positions over a disagreement We’re sad to announce that Seb has resigned from his positions as an IRC Operator and CService Senior Administrator.  There was a disagreement leading to an escalated altercation.  The situation could have been dealt with peacefully to achieve a solution, but

Welcome Seb to the IRC4Fun Staff Teams!

Welcome to Seb, who is our newest IRC Operator and Senior CService Administrator We would like to welcome Seb to his new staff positions on the IRC4Fun network.  Seb brings a lot of CService experience and ideas, and we are really excited to have him on our Staff teams. Welcome