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IRC4Fun (in general) does not mind bots that are not abusive or intrusive to the network. You may run your own bot, in accordance with the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as well as any specific policies in your server's /MOTD (Message of the Day)

Running your own Bot

Users may elect to run their own bots, if they choose - as long as the bot complies with the IRC4Fun Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and does not create any issues for users, channels, or network administration or resources. (Be sure to check the /MOTD of the servers you will be using for your Bot to ensure there are no specific policies for bots, or policies forbidding bots of any kind)


  • Your bot must set usermode +B (indicating that it is a BOT), and you must register an account for the bot. (The bot should also be configured to login/identify to Services).
* The above step is highly recommended.  Should we find a bot that has not been through the above processes; it may be K-Lined or G-Lined!  

Services Bots

By default, when a Channel has been registered, X will join the channel and guard the channel unless told to leave. Channel Founders may decide they want are recommended to keep X in the channel.

Channel Protection Bots

ZED10 & v8 has been deployed to take-over Sigyn. They also much more customization to channel staff.

  • Each Channel Founder is added to either ZED10 or v8 (whichever is assigned) and can be used once the user sets a password. (/msg ZED10,v8 PASS mySecretPassword) This allows channel founders to add additional users to the bot in their channels, and much more!..

For Help with ZED10 or v8:
!h (Type that in the channel to see available commands, and details about more commands.)

For Help with an individual command or module:
!man topic

To request either ZED10 or v8 in your channel, see siniStar in #IRC4Fun.