September 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter

         Hello, Friend Welcome to the IRC4Fun September 2018 Newsletter; we’ve got a lot of updates for you! Seb has resigned from his IRC4Fun Staff positions, including CService.  While he may be allowed on the network, he is no longer a Staff member and should not be

July 2018 Newsletter

IRC4Fun Newsletter

   Hello, Friend! IRC4Fun News – July 2018 We’re pleased to announce that & have passed their test-link and have been granted full server links.   We still have many unclaimed channels.  Please reclaim your channel as soon as possible, otherwise they may be automatically purged or in

Channel Registrations moved to Web

Channel Registrations moved to the Website(s) Today, we have changed the way IRC4Fun Channel Registration requests are processed.  Users will now need to either login to the Web Interface to apply for Channel Registration, or can simply apply from the HelpDesk.  This change will allow us to keep better records

Services Expirations Update (2/14/2018)

Services Expiry Update (Effective February 14th, 2018) In order to keep our Services database clean, we will be changing the expiry of Nicknames (Accounts) and Channels on IRC4Fun, effective February 14th, 2018. NickServ Accounts will expire after 180 Days of not being used.  (Enforcement will turn off on un-used nicknames

Channels which have not been used in 6 months were purged

Channels that have not been used by anyone on the Access or Flags in 6 months have been purged In an effort to better clear up a lot of “abandoned” channels, we have purged channels in ChanServ which were un-used by anyone on the access list in 6 months or

Add WebChat, Links, Buttons to your site!

Adding Web Chat to your site, or links, etc.  is now even easier! We’ve unveiled a new page for Channel Founders or users to use to be able to implant Web Chat iframes, buttons, text-links and more; to be able to use on their own websites to generate more users

IRC4Fun celebrates it's 10th Anniversary!

IRC4Fun celebrates it’s 10th Birthday! Can you believe it? 10 years – a DECADE! IRC4Fun has now been available for 10 years; thanks to our users, groups, channels and staff!  We are so thankful to our users that have picked IRC4Fun as their IRC home!  IRC4Fun has evolved many times

Channel Registration Process UPDATE

ChanServ (Channel Registration) Process UPDATE IRC4Fun has updated our Channel Registration Process with ChanServ.  This change will help to ensure that only channels which are used, will be registered.  You may have noticed that we have a lot of abandoned or “drive-by registrations”; as we have.  (This process update will

Channels Directory Updated

IRC4Fun Channels

We’ve made some rather big updates to our Channel Directory listings (now powered by a Database and System) Previously, our Channel Lists were manually created and seemed to go out of date or need updates frequently which was not necessarily an easy or fun task.  Now we have a Channel

How can I add a Web Chat to my website?

Did you know that you can add a direct link to your IRC4Fun channel on your website? You can add a link to your website that will take your users to the Kiwi IRC webchat for your channel — and it is super simple! If you want to add a