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Services provided by IRC4Fun

IRC4Fun provides the following services:

X (Channel Service)
W (ChanFix)
  • W is IRC4Fun's official Channel Fix/Reop Service, providing un-registered channels with the means of being re-opped in the event all ops are lost in the channel - OR to reverse a (reported) channel takeover.
  • W tracks who (with & logged into an X username) is opped in non-registered channels every 5 minutes and adds a point. Whenever a non-registered channel loses all ops on a channel, W will check the scores available for that channel and op the (up to) top 5.
  • ChanFix (W) Documents
  • ChanFix (W) Forum
IRC4Fun Discord
  • Connect to IRC4Fun's official Discord to use IRC4Fun with your desktop & mobile Discord apps.
United IRC Networks
  • UIN is a collection of like-minded IRC networks participating in a multi-network link via PyLink.

Popular Services Documents

Why register with X?
Why register a username or channel with X? This document explains the benefits of registering a username or channel with the IRC4Fun Channel Service.
How do I login to X?
This document will guide you with how to authenticate (identify yourself) with X.
How to hide your hostname or IP address
This document will guide you with hiding your hostname/IP while on IRC4Fun.
How can I register my Nickname?
This document will guide you with registering an account and explain why IRC4Fun does not have nickname registration.
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